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In this dynamic era of ever so growing competition, finding a job that fits one the best is a challenging task to accomplish. To overcome this problem and to minimize the burden for finding your fit, we present you Rolling AMCAT for the first time ever in Nepal.

Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test (AMCAT) is a computer adaptive test that measures job applicants on the basis of their communication skills, logical reasoning, quantitative skills and job specific domain skills. AMCAT test is taken to evaluate the reasoning skills, technical skills and aptitude skills of a candidate or the job seeker in large multi-national companies. It is an assessment platform to provide scores based on their skills and potentials. The sole objective of AMCAT is to grade the performance of the people who take up this test.

AMCAT is one of the emerging tools in the world of employment today. It has been emerging as a bridge between the job seekers and recruiters and has saved plenty of time spent on face to face assessment for both the job seekers and job providers. Over 2 million students all over the world have already taken this test and have found a suitable job according to the suitability of their skills as per the requirement of job. There are underlying benefits of AMCAT in this era which is the reason why rolling AMCAT has brought this opportunity in Nepal to specifically target the growing competition among the youth population.

Benefits of AMCAT
Showcase talent, skills and potentials through numbers
The fact that student’s intelligence is judged according to the scores of his exam performance is accepted worldwide. Similarly, AMCAT score is a crucial judging criteria for the job providers that help them assess job seeker’s ability to perform the job. It is also a tool to showcase one’s capabilities to the world without even having to speak. For that, you just need to score well and there you are welcomed by all the job providers in the market.
Assessment of one’s own skills and potentials
Taking the AMCAT test is beneficial enough for the job applicant to have a sharp look on his/her skills and potentials. This gives a chance for the applicant to have clarity on what is the kind of job he/she would be best at. The marks obtained from AMCAT is a self-assessment to show case their skills to the job providers. Moreover, the marks help applicants to realize where they stand in the world of competition.
Review strengths and weaknesses:
The test will help identifying one’s own strengths and weaknesses. AMCAT will add up the knowledge to the job applicants about their strong points and areas of weaknesses so that they can find a job at which they are good at. This test will find areas of improvement to the job applicants and they can improve their weak points so to as fit in the job criteria.
The benefits of taking AMCAT is vast and those who have taken it are already proud of their decision by finding their right fit. Take your rolling AMCAT today and be proud of your decision. This is the time. This is the new era. You have to compete. You have to roll. So, rolling AMCAT is the answer to all your problems.

Rolling amcat is a franchise of Aspiring Minds, a global leader in the Talent Assessments space, works with over 2000 corporations globally across industries, including giants like Amazon, Accenture, Axis Securities, Wells Fargo, Cognizant and various start-ups like Uber, Biju’s, Quikr, Magic Pin etc. to provide them with end to end Recruitment and Assessment solutions .Please find below a brief of our Assessments product. The adaptive and standardized assessment suite will help you in evaluating a variety of competencies and skills of various candidates so that you can select the ones that are suited for the required role in your company.
Cognitive Assessment
Cognitive skills are one of the most powerful predictors of job success for both knowledge-based and vocational roles. Cognitive skills are the most widely tested skills for employment and education. The Logical Ability section assesses capacity of an individual to interpret things objectively, to be able to perceive and interpret trends to make generalizations and be able to analyze assumptions behind an argument/statement. These abilities are primary for success of a candidate in the industry. Specifically, these are divided into following sections:

Deductive Reasoning: Assesses the ability to synthesize information and derive conclusions.
Inductive Reasoning: Assesses the ability to learn by example, imitation or hit-and-trial. This also provides an indication of how creative the individual is.
Abductive Reasoning: Assesses the critical thinking ability of an individual to see through loopholes in an argument or group of statements.
All these abilities are tested both using numerical and verbal stimuli. Various case studies have shown AMCAT Logical Ability to strongly correlate to technical trainability, soft-skill trainability and process trainability. It also demonstrates strong correlation to performance in roles of analysts and knowledge processes. Certain thresholds of logical ability also correlate to sales and support related role performance.

The critical reasoning module assesses an individual’s ability to think through and analyse logical arguments. It adjudges how an individual responds to information coming from multiple sources and his ability to use logical constructs to offer reasoning in situations which may not be familiar to him or her. It is a very important tool to assess a candidate’s performance at work.
This test measures the candidate’s ability to gather, comprehend and evaluate information from single or multiple source(s). This checks whether the candidate is able to locate relevant information, order and classify data, interpret graphs, charts and tables and make rule based deductions.
The Quantitative ability section measures the candidate’s numerical ability and accuracy in mathematical problems. The questions range from purely numeric calculations to problems of arithmetic reasoning, percentage analysis and quantitative analysis.
Language Assessment
The ability to understand and communicate through written and spoken English is key to the world of employment

Language Assessments Modules
Multiple choice question based English Assessments:
Familiarity with English Language in its various nuances is an essential skill, especially in the current climate of global networking. Ideally, any recruitment should involve a test of skills in handling the Language in ways that promote the objectives of a company and establish desired rapport. Needless to state, an appropriate test is necessary.
AMCAT English evaluation is ideal to evaluate written English skills of an individual. Our English Test uses a variety of internationally standardized resources for framing questions aimed at determining the candidate’s ability to understand
(a) The written text
(b) The spoken word and
(c) Communicate effectively through written documents.

The test broadly covers the following areas:
  • A wide-ranging Vocabulary to cope with general and specific terminology.
  • Syntax and sentence structure, the incorrect use of which distorts meaning and becomes a communication hurdle.
  • Comprehension exercises designed to test a candidate’s ability to read fluently and understand correctly.
  • The ability to understand and use suitable phrases, which enrich the meaning of what, is conveyed.
SVAR - Automated spoken English assessment tool 
SVAR is our state-of-the-art automated spoken English assessment tool that helps you to evaluate a candidate on his/her pronunciation, fluency, intonation, listening, language anticipation and spoken English understanding. The test meets international reliability standards and is being used extensively by the industry to evaluate spoken English suitability for roles ranging from international voice processes to internal communication. SVAR enables automatic evaluation of a candidate’s attempt at it using voice synthesis technology and bears very high correlation with manual raters. SVAR finds applicability in global business processes, corporate sales and servicing, hospitality and in education & training. It is accurate for neutral, native and foreign accents.
The WriteX test evaluates the candidate’s written English. The candidate has to write an essay on a given topic. The essay is scored on two aspects – Content and Grammar. The scoring of this test is based on artificial intelligence and machine based learning. The content score defines the relevance and completeness of a candidate’s response to the topic. The grammar score evaluates the degree of grammatical control (sentence formation, spelling errors and grammatical errors) in the response. The overall score depicts the generic quality of the candidate’s response.
Behavioral Assessment
Behavioral assessment help you in Getting the “right” personalities and behavioral traits which is a key driver in high performance.
We assess for:
  • Interpersonal Roles: Highly relevant in consulting, sales, customer support, advisory and hospitality sectors.
  • Managerial Roles :Leadership, team and client handling skills, multiple-stakeholders management and proactive problem solving
  • Culture Fit :Candidate's values, ethics, attitude and compatibility to company culture
  • Situational judgement tests (SJTs) for all your niche needs. The names of few are following:
    • Sales SJT
    • Customer Service SJT
    • Managerial SJT
    • Leadership SJT
    • Human Resource SJT
    • Teaching SJT
    • Workplace SJT
    • Motivation SJT
    • Team Management
    • People Management
Functional Assessment
In a world with increasingly specialized roles, functional skills testing is key to improving business outcomes.
Our Functional assessment uses Simulations: Real world simulations of customer calls, chat, and critical customer situations, Multiple Choice Questions: 300+ modules for testing different job skills based on in-depth job analysis to find out the ability of a candidate for a specific job role or a function.
Combine these tests with language and cognitive skill tests for the most comprehensive testing of job skills.
Major Categories of Functional Assessments are:
  • Engineering Modules
  • IT Modules
  • IT Infrastructure Modules
  • MBA Modules
  • BFSI Modules
  • Life Sciences Modules
  • Business Process Management Modules
  • Analytics Modules
  • Automata Modules
  • Hospitality Modules
  • Generic Modules
  • Construction Modules
  • Logistics Modules
  • Automotive Modules
  • Security Modules
  • Manufacturing Modules
  • Telecom Modules
  • Retail Modules
Simulation Modules
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