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Rolling Plans Private Limited (RPPL) is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company specialized on Human Resource consultancy service and Contact Centre Management Company with other outsourcing services having intensity of its services in human resource management and development (HRM/D), research and innovation, and institutional development since 2004 in Nepal. Our vision is to be an internationally acclaimed service provider in HR solutions and research and innovation. For this, we have a mission to support organizations by providing them with strategic as well as operational solutions, and at the same time, we help organizations maintain highest level of socio-ethical standards.

Our Services » HR Consulting

Rolling Plans specializes in providing complete Human Resource Development and Management Solutions. Our key services include:

A . Developing and Implementing Integrated Human Resource Management Systems.
B . Providing Outsourcing options in these key functional areas of Human Resource Management:
  • 1. HR Audit
  • 2. Job Analysis
  • 3. Recruitment & Selection Process Outsourcing
  • 4. Staffs Outsourcing
  • 5. Performance Management System
  • 6. HR- Research and Survey
  • 7. Developing Effective HR Policies and Procedures
  • 8. Compensation and Benefits Designing Service
  • 9. HR Strategy
  • 10. Organization Consulting
  • 11. Promotional Branding & Campaign Services
1. HR Audit

HR Audit is the systematic verification of job analysis and design, job evaluation, recruitment and selection, orientation and placement, training, performance appraisal and job evaluation, employee and executive remuneration, motivation and morale, participative management, communication, welfare and social security, safety and health, industrial relations, trade unionism and disputes and their resolution.

Why HR Audit ?

  • It helps to find out the proper contribution of the HR department towards the organization
  • Development of the professional image of the HR department of the organization
  • Reduce the HR cost
  • Motivation of the HR personnel
  • Find out the problems and solve them smoothly
  • Provides timely legal requirement
  • Sound Performance Appraisal Systems
  • Systematic job analysis and job evaluation process
  • Smooth adoption of the changing mindset
2. Job Analysis

Job analysis is the systematic study of jobs to identify the observable work activities, tasks, and responsibilities associated with a particular job or group of jobs and the attributes needed to perform that particular job.

Why Job Analysis ?

  • To prepare job descriptions and job specifications which in turn helps to retain and hire the right quality of workforce in an organization
  • To document the requirements of a job and the work performed
  • To make suitable changes in the organizational structure and design
  • To develop performance appraisals and training program
3. Recruitment & Selection Process Outsourcing

The primary responsibility of any HR function is finding the right people to fill key jobs that are aligned with the company’s business strategy. We strategically supplement your in-house staff to source and acquire the talent you need for your key roles.

Staff Recruitment

Finding just the right person for each role in the company is something easier said than done. It can be overwhelming to identify the right candidates in a sea of resumes. We find people who truly match your needs and screen them—not only on their qualifications but also for the interpersonal skills needed to work well in a multicultural environment.

Managing the Selection Process

Every organization is extremely aware of the impact of a poor selection decisions. By employing someone who is inappropriate for a vacancy, faculties, departments and divisions incur considerable costs in time, money and effort to bring the individual up to standard. If this cannot be done, the person’s probation is not confirmed, or he or she leaves voluntarily. In both instances, this is likely to lead to team disruption and extra cost in selecting, inducting and training someone new. Employing the best person for the job will ensure that the Firm benefits materially, and in performance terms. The service includes Application Collection, Sorting, Screening and tabulating, Application Screening, evaluation and Shortlisting, developing evaluation criteria, Conducting group discussion and interviews.

Effective Group Discussion and Job Interviewing

In order to gauge the various human elements of the shortlisted candidates, we back our selection process with interview procedure. We call all of the shortlisted candidate/s to attend the interview. This interview is conducted in representation of a panel representative from an expert from the related field and/or HR expert. A separate evaluation criteria and form is developed to evaluate the candidate during the interview. All of the information involved in this recruitment and selection service is recorded and transparent.

We promptly identify the ideal talent our client businesses require. Service delivery is our focus ensuring the search is cost effective. We conduct mass recruitment campaigns or specialized searches for:

Entry Level Staff
Mid – Career positions
Managerial positions
4. Staffs Outsourcing

People are the key to any organization. The company's personnel could make or break it. Staffing is a time-consuming and exhaustive process. A Lot of time, money and effort goes into selecting the right staff, training and retaining them. With time, this process is getting tougher and calls for full-time attention. Every company cannot possibly afford such time and money. With more work to be done and less time to do it in, companies are looking for faster, easier and reliable options to dump some of their complicated, time-consuming but unavoidable work. Staff Outsourcing is the winning option. It's the best answer to all their problems.

Why Staff Outsourcing ?

  • To Save Money- If a staff leaves the job it is our responsibility to replace him/her. Thus it relieves the company of the tedious process of staffing and brings the cost down.
  • To Save Time- Outsourcing staffing lets the companies concentrate on their core services instead of worrying about staffing.
  • To Get High Quality Staff- We at RPPL, repeatedly offer such services (Managed Staffing) to many organizations. This gives us an in-depth knowledge of recruiting and training.
  • To Reduce Risk- Much of the company's time and effort is spent in trying to reduce the employee turnover rate. But with outsourcing, the onus is passed on to the RPPL who takes full responsibility for replacing them.
  • For Easy Scalability- RPPL can easily scale their staff as per the client's needs. This means that we could provide the client with more staffs if they should need them even with a short notice. Likewise, they could also terminate their services if the performance is not upto the set standards.
  • Standard Recruitment Procedures- Recruitment is one of the core competencies of RPPL. We have standardized recruiting procedures in the process of recruiting and retaining the temporary workforce.
5. Performance Management System

Effective performance management aligns employee objectives with company's goals and provides feedback on how well those objectives have been achieved. A robust performance management system helps both managers and employees and promotes internal communication and teamwork. However, both the basic style of offering performance feedback and the formal performance evaluation and appraisal systems typically used in various organizations may differ from your organization. Noting the cultural differences which may exist between management and staff, we assist you with all phases of designing and implementing your performance management system, ensuring that it is used appropriately and optimally.

Why PMS:

Performance Management System Development

Many factors must be considered when creating a performance management system. While certain elements are always important to include, each company has its own unique needs. We take the time to learn about your goals for the system and what performance behaviors you most want to measure and promote, and working closely with you, will create a system that works for your organization.

Review Form Design

The review form is the centerpiece of the performance management system. It must be complete, clean, and easy to use, especially in situations when the employee being evaluated comes from a different culture than the manager preparing the appraisal. We design review forms to support effective performance discussions that are comfortable for all of the involved parties.


We encourage all our clients to include goal-setting and objectives for all positions as part of their performance management process, even though some jobs lend themselves more easily than others to the creation of formal objectives. We work with you to make goal-setting an integrated part of your management practices for all employees, leading to greater accountability and directed performance.

Manager Training on Performance Reviews

The best-designed performance management system and review forms are ineffective unless your managers know how to use them properly. This can be a particular challenge for firms with many line managers not being exposed to PMS yet and the performance management practices may be different in different organizations. We design and deliver training that will enable your managers to utilize your performance management system with confidence, filling out forms accurately and appropriately, and conducting in-person performance review sessions effectively.

Linking Pay and Benefits to Performance

Salary increases and bonuses are most effective when they directly reflect employee performance. The performance management system is the mechanism for making that link. We work with you to make sure that your performance management system coordinates well with your compensation decisions.

Performance Review Preparation and Support

Many managers find it challenging to fill out performance appraisal forms, particularly when they have complex or mixed feelings about a subordinate’s performance. Similarly, preparing for a review session can be daunting; especially for those managers with little prior experience conducting professional reviews. In our performance review preparation and support service, we work one-on-one with managers to help them organize and express their feedback on review forms and ensure that their writing is clear and their phrasing appropriate. We also help managers prepare for review sessions, including rehearsing discussions with employees about sensitive topics.

6. HR- Research and Survey

A properly designed survey can provide an important benchmark of competitive pay rates, pay ranges, and commission and incentive plans, providing both the business owner and the staff with a sense of how effectively a firm's compensation program stacks up against other firms. Successful firms develop and consistently monitor compensation plans for staff members, using compensation surveys as a tool.

What we do ?

  • Salary & Compensation Survey
  • Compensation Structuring/ Restructuring
  • Functional Benchmarking of Salary
  • Position Benchmarking of Salary
  • Compensation Related Aspiration Survey
  • Appraisal Management and Review
  • KRA Fixations and Review
7. Developing Effective HR Policies and Procedures

AHR policies provide fundamental organizational rules and guidelines relating to the practices and behavior of the people in the organization. The policy manual is intended to provide working guideline and description of organizations benefits and policies. These guidelines seek to ensure that daily decisions affecting employees are made uniformly throughout the organization.

Why HR Policies ?

  • To clearly establish that each worker’s employment is at-will and to establish that each employee understands the "at-will" nature of his or her employment
  • Develop a plan for effective policy implementation while remaining consistent with the employment law
  • Monitor, review, evaluate and modify HR policies as if and when needed
  • Create a good image in the industry as well as attract and retain good talent
8. Compensation and Benefits Designing Service

Compensation and benefits are among the most critical elements of the employment opportunity your firm offers to employees. Therefore, your programs must be market-competitive, regardless of the compensation approach used by comparable organizations. We can help you design compensation and benefits programs that optimize your personnel budget while attracting and retaining the talent your business needs to succeed.

What we do in Compensation and Benefits Designing Service ?

Comparison with Market Rates

Accurate and timely market data is essential for making sound compensation decisions. We provide data from a broad range of compensation surveys and recommend the data most appropriate for your organization’s size, industry, and location. We also help you analyze the data and draw conclusions that help you determine the compensation you offer to staff.

Salary and Incentive Structure Design

Every company should have a rational salary and incentive structure that supports fair and consistent compensation decision-making. A robust and meaningfully drafted compensation plan will also provide useful input in determining employee titles. We create such salary structures for companies that do not already maintain them, and help update current systems to improve their workability and effectiveness.

Annual Increase Planning

Simple rule of thumb cannot be followed when planning annual increases. Deciding how much to increase each person’s salary requires careful analysis of individual, team, and company's performance as well as study of labor market trends. We work with you to determine how to use your annual increase budget with the most impact in order to enhance employee performance, motivation, and retention.

Bonuses and Incentives

Bonuses and incentives are very effective tools for rewarding performance and promoting retention of top performers. We provide information and analysis to help you make wise decisions to most effectively utilize your compensation amount.

Rewards and Recognition

Rewards and recognition are effective ways to show appreciation to employees for their efforts and can increase motivation and morale. They are particularly impactful in western culture, where positive reinforcement is valued, but this cannot be undermined in our culture as well. We help you design and implement reward and recognition programs that fit your company’s environment and will be perceived positively by your employees.

Benefits Plan Design and Vendor Selection

Benefits are an essential element of your employment offering. At the same time, health care reform and cost increases for many benefits have made this a particularly challenging area. We help you navigate the complex sea of benefits to design an effective plan to best meet the needs of your firm. We also help you choose the benefits providers appropriate to your budget.

9. HR Strategy

Skillful management of your people is one of the most important elements contributing to long-term business success; HR strategy is an essential component of overall strategy development for your company. We support you in developing comprehensive strategies that will promote your company’s ability to grow and flourish.

Why HR Strategy ?

Workforce Planning

It is more effective to create an overall long-term plan for your workforce and staff according to that plan rather than adding people in an ad-hoc manner based on immediate or short-term needs. We partner with you to analyze your business’ growth plans and translate that into projections for the types and numbers of employees you will need at various times.

Succession Planning

Identifying and grooming future leaders allows you to ensure continuity in your business and organization. This is especially important in organizations in which management tends to rotate in and out periodically. We work with you to identify employees who have the potential to move into key positions and create plans for developing them through targeted learning and on-the-job opportunities.


In Nepal, where skilled employees are always in high demand, retention of top performers should be a priority for all companies. We make the case to your executive team as to why you should pro-actively promote retention. We recommend and implement initiatives most likely to retain your most highly regarded staff.

10. Organization Consulting

The structures and processes of your organization require careful thought and attention. A dynamic and effective organization requires careful nurturing and does not happen accidentally. We help you decide on your organizational design and advise you on encouraging good information flow within that design. All of our organizational consulting is done with sensitivity to the special situations created by the presence of expatriates as well as to different cultural ideas about organizational structure, decision-making, and hierarchy.

Why Organization Consulting ?

Organizational Design

The way your organization is structured tremendously impacts its ability to operate efficiently and effectively. Whether for a new division or a new company, we create practical organizational designs to fit your company’s unique business requirements and culture.

Re-organization Consulting

Many businesses reach a point at which their structure no longer meets their needs. We analyze how to adjust your organization to increase efficiency, including adding new functions or pruning others that have grown beyond the size necessary to move forward.


How your employees interact with one another brings your organizational structure to life. Whether for an executive team or a working group, we design and present teambuilding sessions to improve communication, bring hidden issues to the surface, and facilitate action planning. We are always sensitive to the special issues inherent in presenting teambuilding to multicultural groups, including language use and different cultural norms concerning group interaction and discussion. Our sessions are designed to make everyone comfortable and to promote active participation.

11. Promotional Branding & Campaign Services

Today, branding is everything. Its importance cannot be understated. Brands are not simply products or services. Brands are the sum total of all a product's or service's imagery. Any element that can reach and affect the buying decision of public and communicate to all of their senses constitutes a significant element to the branding process. The images that people have in their minds about a particular company and their products or service define the level of success of the brand.

Our promotional Branding & campaigns focus on the target audience: their emotions, aspirations and other aspects that drive their purchasing behavior. With the “target audience” being a driving force in the initiation and implementation of a campaign, our promotional managers ensure that the campaign is handled in a manner which makes the prospective clients feel good & are inspired to buy the product.

Our promotional Branding & campaigns focus on the target audience: their emotions, aspirations and other aspects that drive their purchasing behavior. With the “target audience” being a driving force in the initiation and implementation of a campaign, our promotional managers ensure that the campaign is handled in a manner which makes the prospective clients feel good & are inspired to buy the product.

Developing Comprehensive Campaigns

We develop programs/events to build name recognition and expand or improve customer building. Display advertisements or trade journals are used to work with your company's brochures, pamphlets and handouts. We can work with your staff, ad agency or media representative to insure that all aspects of your campaign work together. Sales Creators builds a total campaign which can consist of electronic media, promotional materials and advertisements.

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